FAST BUSINESS SERVICE (FBS)FBS’ competence earned it the confidence of its clients by offering time effective service in all governmental and private sector offices. Our excellent knowledge in all governmental processes from establishing company registration right down to employee family sponsorship has more than double the time and cost effectiveness of our clients.
FBS stands up to international standards in providing convenient and reliable services to existing &new companies.
With years of industry experience and unique expertise,our dedicated core teams are augmented to meet the ever changing needs of doing business in the UAE. As an independent corporate service provider, we deliver creative solutions to achieve your vision. Thus, our diverse and highly skilled global workforce brings all your business needs under one roof.Located in Dubai, FBS offers you the strengths of its strategic partnerships with some of the UAE’s best-connected commercial groups.
Our partners reach across the Middle East and to neighboring regions.To become part of this dynamic economic picture, do like many other successful companies have done: Contact one of our consultants. Ask for a free no-obligation quote on forming a business in the UAE.We deliver where others fail…