FBS offers wide range of PRO and document clearing services along with corporate business solutions across the UAE.

  • UAE Residence Visa/ Partners Visa
  • Family Visa/ Parents Visa
  • Long Term Visit Visa/ Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa etc.

Once the visa application forms are signed,we do take care of the procedures like the documentation, the submission, the follow up and so onSo, through this expert process, we facilitate a quick and smooth visa processing. We do inform, assist and finalize all that is needed and keep the clients updated at each stage.

Buying or selling a business, FBS is the right advisor to find out what you need to know. Valuing a business you intend to buy or sell, and using an acquisition agreement to memorialize the terms of a business sale.

There’s also information on closing your business safely and legally. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a business and want to get the best deal or advice possible, you may contact our one of representative.